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Today I learned that you can export IMDB's (watch)lists as .csv files. I had over 200 titles in my watchlist and I've been thinking about moving away from IMDB to a selfhosted alternative but manually typing or copying 200 entries felt like too much trouble.

So I happily exported and downloaded my watchlist as a .csv file and googled on how to manipulate such a file since I never have really been dealing much with .csv's before. Libreoffice turned out to be the easiest alternative for this one time thing.

Since I wanted the data of the form:

IMDB-link, title, year, rating

This manipulation was really easy to accomplish in libreoffice. Then I opened the resulting file in vim and made a few simple substitutions in order to get the data in the form

  • [IMDB-link title year rating ]

I then imported it into a page in didiwiki and now I have a neatly minimalistic selfhosted watchlist.

Comment from the future of 2021: This now lives in my vimwiki.