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The boring dystopia of fully automated malicious sushi restaurants

I've been taking a small break from watching Millennium and The (80's) Twilight Zone and catching up with season 11 of The X-files.

The season wasn't very good but not totally horrible either. One episode stood out for me and that's of course s011e07 Rm9sbG93ZXJz. No surprise there.

It was perhaps more fun than good but I really liked its american take on the 'black mirror'-esh dark cyberpunk realism.

I'm not sure about the message, meaning or moral of the story. The future sucks? Beware of the Internet of Shit? AI's can be dangerous? Technology is not only good/bad? Fully automated capitalism is a bad idea? Don't piss off a fully automated sushi restaurant?

I might me all, some or none of the above. Maybe it's just a fun story. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it.