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Compact output from

At this point I'm sure everyone is familiar with, a neat little website that can give you a nice weather report in you terminal with:


I wanted to use this in my daily automated morning email to myself but the output is too wide for my terminator i3wm scratchpad so I did an ugly Python hack to fix this.

From this:


To this:


Much better for my purposes.

The code isn't very good and I am and probably always will be a Python n00b, but hey it works. In case anyone would find this useful I've created a repository on github: compactwttr.

In fact the code is concise enough to fit in this post.

#!/usr/bin/env python3

""" A small script get weather infom from via curl and remove
    colors and compact the output. """

import subprocess
import re
import sys

def split(tail):
    """ splits the tail wrt the boxes """
    chunk1 = []
    chunk2 = []

    for line in tail:

    for i in chunk2[1:]:
        i = "│"+i+'\n'
    return chunk1

def fix_formatting(chunk):
    """ fixes the quirks in the formatting """
    chunk[0] = chunk[0][:55]+"───────┐\n"
    chunk[1] = chunk[1][:55]+"       │\n"
    chunk[2] = chunk[2][:-2]+"┤\n"
    chunk[8] = "├"+chunk[8][1:31]+"┼"+chunk[8][32:-2]+"┤\n"
    chunk[9] = chunk[9][0]+"       "+chunk[9][8:]
    chunk[10] = "├"+chunk[10][1:]
    chunk[16] = "└"+chunk[16][1:]
    return chunk

def remove_colors(string):
    """removes ANSI color codes from string """

    ansi_escape = re.compile(r'\x1B(?:[@-Z\\-_]|\[[0-?]*[ -/]*[@-~])')
    result = ansi_escape.sub('', string).split('\n')
    return result

def main():
    """ all args to string. start curl subprocess to get data, remove
    colors, compact and fix output"""
    city = ' '.join(sys.argv[1:])
    cmd = ["curl", "-s", ""+city]

    output = subprocess.check_output(cmd).decode('utf-8')

    output = remove_colors(output)

    head = "\n".join(output[:7])
    tail = output[8:-24]

    tail = split(tail)
    tail = fix_formatting(tail)
    tail = "".join(tail)


if __name__ == "__main__":