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It's sometimes said that that every crust band needs a weird noise side project...

I ordered a DIYPCBSNR kit from I've played around with some very simple noise circuits, the Atari Punk Console and I've been doing some digital mischief in the past but this shit is on a completely different level.

It was quite expensive getting it shipped to Sweden especially since I bought it pretty much on a whim, I believe I found it on Instagram of all places. Despite the hefty cost I'm very happy.

The kit arrived swiftly and it was a little bit scary to start working on the assembly since it was a good while since I've soldered anything more significant than the odd cable here and there but I managed to get it working on the first try. I'm not good at troubleshooting electronics so this was a big relief. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow and the PCB has nice little hints on where each of the components should go. A fun little project.

I haven't recorded anything yet but this thing sounds insane and it's amazing how this tiny circuit can output such a huge array of varied outer worldly sounds.

For those curious minded you can listen to a sample by following the link in the image below.


There's also a DIY version of PCBSNR to support Ukraine.

The next step is to make some kind of cool looking enclosure (I'm thinking wood...), figure out a good way to record stuff, maybe start looking into cheap mixers and sound cards and also try not to fall into the rabbit hole of DIY noise circuits.

Stay tuned.

,MMMMMMMMk              ',,,,.                            'dd.      
;MMMMNNMMMX;       :olckx0KK0K0NOOOd.'......           .dkXK,       
dMWXO..0ONMM0:.:;okNN0KO..kxX.c00:.lXMMMMXKk.        'lXMMX.        
cMx..    .0MMMNWdOc. 'kl  'lc  ;W,  .MWO0WMWx.    .lKMMKkc          
.0o       lNMMMMOO:   dl  ',    0.  .x. :xNNNMOclKM0c,.             
'l    .,xWN0lXNWMK.           .d..,,;;.'XodxMMMMXo                 
    .xWOcll   .OMWxokkkkkKXXXWMMMMMMMd d0WMMKkWN.                 
  .0WMNc,ll  ,  ,;OMWNWMMMMMMMMMMMMMWkOMM0;:.o0WO:                
  .kWKx     .      KWWXX0Okoolc:cdOWMM0l;. k .xXxX.               
  .KNol  .         :X.:XXc     dXMWWMk  .,.k   .xMX'              
  :MWk'            cN  OMMX0xKNNx; oO     .,   cKMMX;.            
 :NK.,;            dN  0MOMWNMK:   o0.     ..   okMM0'            
 ,KMXc:.           dN  :MMMMWMk:,  kMc     ',.  klMXx             
 ,KMNc. .          dK.,kMNl..lNMMc kMd     .  ',klMk.             
 oWWX.        ,cc, xMMMMMl    dWMK.kMd .   ..   d,Mo,             
 ,WMMl     .dNMNKWNWW0OWX. .xNMWNNNWMd     '.  ;00N:              
 olxM;.   .OMMMWMMMWO  :k  kMMMNMNMMMX:      .':NM0.              
 o;'OK;.   .KNMMMXW0'  .l  .xNMMNKxkkWWo.     ,0Wd.;              
 .  OOW:. :OWWd;c'.     .     ,::,   0MMMO;,.:KM0.'               
    .:NXKWMMW,                       '0MMMMNd0Nk                  
     ;NWMMMMx     .                    .OMMMMKlo                  
.lloxXMMMKOoWMd:.   '               .'. 'oMMMMMW:.                 
:MMMMMMWc:: .xNNKKkOl. ....::c'. .cdc0WkMN:lWNMMMNc                
lMMMMMo    . ,NO'cONNXNOKMWWMMMMWWMWNKWlox  Ol.lWMMN0;             
OMNl,k;      .Wd  d,'0ocNXOKNxko00K,  . :   ..  kWMMMM0l.          
dKl  ..      .c   k'.,. l0. O'  .k0c            ..'KMMMMMO,        
            .    d'    kK  :  l :N.                ...kMMM0c,     
                 ;.    c0 .xd'. .N.                    k0,o0Mx    
                        k ',    .W.                     .:cxWk    
                        x        k.                               


Meme Credit: @punk_affirmations