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Godzilla (1954)


I've decided to take on the mission to watch all Godzilla movies. Why? Well, why not. Life is boring. I'm following this list. Decided to write a few words on every movie. There might be spoilers. I've already watched the 10 first movies so expect the associated posts to be on the short side.

Starting with Godzilla (1954) [imdb].

This is a classic scifi/horror flick from 1954 that holds up pretty damn well today (65 years later!). It has a more serious tone compared to latter movies in the franchise.

Godzilla clearly represents the Japanese fear of nuclear annihilation, people smarter than me has probably written thick in depth dissertations on this subject.

It corresponds well to my preconceived notions of how (old) Japanese movies look and feel.

Speaking of looks, it looks truly great! Both in terms on cinematics, lighting and special effects. It is crusty beautiful eye candy all the way through. The acting isn't maybe top notch at all times but it doesn't disturb me in the slightest.

My biggest grudge with this movie is probably the ending. The magical Deus ex machina Oxygen Destroyer saves the day. On the other hand it's not that bad and gives the movie a good scifi feeling.

Good shit, would watch again for sure.