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Modified Dark Vimwiki HTML Template

Vimwiki is a plugin for Vim useful for markdown style note making. I love Vimwiki and I use it all the time.

There is a very nice feature :VimwikiAll2HTML that automagically converts your wiki to HTML so you can access your wiki in your web browser or you could even put it on a server so you access it from anywhere. This great but the output is not beautiful so I started looking around for ready-to-use templates and found Dark Vimwiki HTML Template by Rahul Ramesh.

I followed the simple instructions, got it working and used it for a while. I think it looks better than the default output and I couldn't find anything nicer. But I soon got tired of the orange color scheme so I decided to DIY it!

I know next to nothing about web design and CSS but I know that I like grey and green. I started fiddling around with colors until I ended up with something acceptable. This is how it turned out:


It's very basic but it works and is more to my liking. I forked the repo and published my modifications on github. Instructions on how to use it can be found there.

A small caveat. Tables are still a mess and I'm working on a fix for this and I've haven't tried the code-prettify.js-thingy at all.