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Sprauting, AKA the act of being the laziest solarpunk on the planet.

There are many good alternatives if you are willing to pour a little money into this hobby (e.g.Sproutly). However I've maybe found one of the crustiest methods of always having a fresh batch of sprouts ready; using old milk cartons.

  • Take a couple of spoonfuls of seeds and let them rest in some lukewarm water over night.
  • Clean out an old milk carton and cut it according to the image below.
  • Fill it with seeds. Put it on a tray and stash it away in some dark place.
  • Water twice a day.
  • Wait approximately a week, cut it open and enjoy your sprouts.

milk carton

This method works surprisingly well for me. For some reason other methods are hit and miss. So far I've had great luck with mung beans, green lentils and black beans and I'm looking forward to trying other things as well.

My partner prefers their coffee with soy milk so we always have a steady supply of milk carton we otherwise would trow away so this a pretty nice way of "reducing waste".

mung beans

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