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weatheri3blocks: my frist public repo

I've always had the idea in my mind that programmers are extremely harsh critics and being the sensitive soul I am, I've never managed to muster up the courage necessary to publish anything.

Always loved the free software/hacker ethos of sharing and collaboration but I've always been too scared and awkward to take part in anything, impostor syndrome, my code isn't good enough etc etc, resulting in that I've always just taken stuff from the community and never participated and giving anything back.

I guess this is my way of trying to improve upon myself and in some sense put my self out there.

So if you happen to use the tiling window manager i3 together with i3blocks and you want a tiny weather block weatheri3blocks might be of interest to you.

weather i3blocks

Pretty colors and fontawesome icons included of course!

There are probably tons projects out there doing exactly this but way better but I wanted to see if I could diy-it.