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XTRFY K4 TKL RGB RETRO Mechanical Keyboard


I got my XTRFY K4 TKL RGB RETRO Mechanical Keyboard cheap off Tradera. I'm in the process of slowly building a new stationary computer so I was on the lookout for a mechanical keyboard and when finding this one so cheap I couldn't resist the urge.


  • Mechanical key switches
  • Customizable RGB illumination
  • Full N-key rollover & 1000 Hz polling rate
  • Tenkeyless design

Apparently this keyboard is targeted at gamers, I'm not a gamer. The last game I played was probably Liero back in the days. One of the perks of this is the lack of a numpad and by having that "retro" look it avoids that typical awful flashy gamer aesthetics and I actually think that it looks quite good.

This is my first mechanical keyboard so I don't have anything much to compare it to but I mostly like it.

It has a nice, not too loud, 'clack' to it and it's very comfortable typing on. It's without a doubt the best keyboard I've ever had.

However, there are some slight drawbacks. It might just be me but I think the keys are a little too sensitive. I would prefer it I had to press a little harder for it to register a keystroke. I'm not sure if this is a gaming thing where you want sensitive keys or if I'm just not used to mechanical keyboards. My other issue with this keyboard is that the finish (is this the correct word for this?) of the keys is "glossy" I would prefer if the keys had a some minimal friction to them. It almost feels a little slippery at times.

Complaints aside, by using this keyboard I can now, finally, touch type!

Visual Effects

The keyboard has built in visual effects that can be turned on via Fn+[numb] and tweaked via Fn+[arrows] and while I don't have any of these effects turned on by default I must say some of them looks rather impressive, especially during nighttime. The visual effects are not useful for me but I have to admit that they are pretty cool.